Skyline Drive: Rose River (Trail)

Oct 25, 2019

Back When

2010 Memories

Part 1

A Busy Year…but I’m so glad we made these memories! Here, I’m going to show you some photos from Rose River and share the experience(s) that came with it!

Rose River Falls

First, I’m going to tell you…always, always, ALWAYS!!, bring supplies with you! Even if it’s supposed to be just a short trek! I will explain.

my dad and my son

But first, a little info!

  • From mile 49.4 along Skyline Drive, is a dazzling cascade of 67 feet, this is actually Dark Hollow Falls.
  • They call it a moderately easy trail, but I would say it is on the verge of difficult – depending on how you start the loop.
  • Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash.
  • After lots of rain, there are as many as four cascades! For most of this hike, you’ll be on a beautiful trail in one of the park’s federally designated wilderness areas. (As you can tell, we hadn’t gotten much rain recently, as there is only one cascade.)
  • 4 Miles Round Trip – 853 ft gain – Loop Trail

We walked down the fire road to the falls and then decided to follow the trail down. When we left the van, we left the backpack with it. We were only going to go to the falls and then be right back! Big mistake!!

Lots of little cascades…

getting a drink

I know they say not to drink from unknown waters, but…we had left the backpack in the van. And I was thirsty! Where these waters are – out in the middle of nowhere – it didn’t bother me!

Anyway, when we got to the bottom we decided to keep on going. My dad had hiked the trail before and said it wasn’t too far. It was nice hike…until we started going up!! And up…And up! And it was starting to get dark! (Remember, we didn’t have anything with us! and it was late in the day!)

All of these photos are from the first part of the trail. The rest will come at a later date!

Remember how I said to always bring supplies? Always, no matter what! By the time we got back to the van, it was dark. As we were climbing up and out of the valley, it was getting darker…and darker…and darker. And we had nothing with us…no water, no flashlight, no cell phones. NOTHING!

My son was crying and praying (please get us out of here before it gets dark!), I was taking it slow because of my asthma and I didn’t have an inhaler with me. My sister’s Cocker Spaniel kept getting tied up in the trees or down in the rocks. Eventually she (my sister) kept her on a tighter leash.

It was scary, and difficult, but at the same time, a learning experience! What did we learn? ALWAYS BRING THE BACKPACK!!! ALWAYS!

There will be more photos… sooner rather than later!

What a learning experience! But also a great memory! (One of the last times we went hiking with my dad!)

More to come!!

“The best thing about memories is making them!”

~ unknown

Hope you enjoyed!

Have a great day!
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