Carefree Saturday

Oct 27, 2019

Being normal is overrated

or is that underrated?

spiked reflection
taken while getting some pallets for the wood pile

This will more than likely be my last Carefree Saturday post. Now that I’m no longer a “caregiver”, I don’t really need a carefree day. Not like I used to! It is true, once a caregiver, always a caregiver. But now, my family is my care. I won’t be taking a job that will wear me out so that I can’t do what needs to be done to take care of my family, or even take a vacation! (I haven’t had a vacation since 2014, but some of that is another story!)

When I started this job, I was warned not to take it. I was warned that it would wear me out, among other things. The fact that I lasted two years is, well, amazing. And it has worn me out, to the extent that I need time to even think about getting another job. Physically and emotionally, I am exhausted. I can see my normal self starting to peep back through!

a pile of wood
on the pallets we got

But anyway, onto yesterday! Since I pulled a muscle in my back, I wasn’t able to do as much as I normally would. It didn’t hurt as bad as Friday (and is almost completely back to normal today!), but I still wanted to take it easy, so I could do things – like fold laundry and go grocery shopping – today.

almost camouflaged
under a pile of leaves

On the other side of the fence is where the trolley line used to run that ran from Frederick to Braddock Heights. Or so we have been told from the man that used to live on the farm, Mr. Smith. We have railroad spikes that we have found (years ago) either along the old trolley line or on our property.

late Azalia bloom
still blooming
cutting some wood
to the right size

My boyfriend did most of the work. I just helped a little. My boyfriend was able to pull the tree out this far, cut it and then pulled it out the rest of the way.

He didn’t think he’d be able to pull it out until the ground dried up as the ground’s pretty wet and he was trying to pull the tree out uphill, but I suggested he pull it out, away from the house where the ground was somewhat more level. It worked!

This piece was huge! Both pieces that broke were, but I believe that this was bigger than the one we pulled out the other day.

He’s gotten everything cut up – I think – that can be used for firewood. All the leftover stuff will be put on one of the piles we have scattered around the property of downed limbs and stuff. It will compress on itself and rot, returning back to the earth.

Images I took the other day, of the tree and the top we pulled out yesterday. The rest of the tree needs to be taken down. But if any part of it breaks before we’re able to, it shouldn’t come near the house!

Find a way to relax that takes you to a joyful level, a level that quiets the nerves and allows thoughts to be calm.”

~ Byron Pulsifer

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Day (all things chocolate!), National Make A Difference Day (brings community service to a whole new level) , and National Internal Medicine Day (recognizes the contributions of more than 300,000 internal medicine physicians).

That’s about all I have, for now anyway! Hope you enjoyed!!

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