Skyline Drive Continued

Oct 28, 2019

Some images from the first post about Skyline Drive. To read about the first half of the trek, click here.

Like I said in the earlier post, ALWAYS bring supplies! You never know what is going to happen. Even what is supposed to be a short trip, could turn out to be much longer than expected!

While it was a very pretty walk and for the most part, easy until the end. I was worried! It was getting later and later. All my sister wanted to do was get out of there. We all wanted to get out of the woods before it got dark, but I also needed to take my time and breath, as I did NOT want to have an asthma attack. She forgot about my asthma and that I, obviously, didn’t have my inhaler with me. She was the first one out, back on the fire lane, followed by my son, then my dad and I brought up the rear.

I have asthma type allergies, which I keep under control by controlling my triggers. Something I’m allergic to (rabbits, some cats, horses, anything with dander basically, plus the typical seasonal allergies) could put me into a full blown asthma attack. When I was tested, the doctor made the comment that I was basically allergic to everything the tested for! I take Zyrtec twice a day, especially in the spring, winter and fall, when I’m most suseptible.

That steep climb out of the woods could’ve also triggered an attack for me (it’s happened twice), so I needed to take it slow and steady and control my breathing.

Anyway, it’s hard to tell in the photo but I’m actually quite a bit higher up than everyone else. Rose River Falls is to the right.

a dirty dog
and back up we go!
will we ever stop climbing?

It is getting darker, and darker. I left the photo above and below dark on purpose! Just so you could see how dark it was! We’re still in the woods, and can barely see! By the time we got to the van it was full on dark!! And no flashlights, cell phones, lighter…nothing to help guide us out! Was it God that helped us out? Maybe! because we could’ve very easily gotten lost!

A lesson definitely learned!

Some views along Skyline Drive. They were either taken from the car or somewhere along the way.

  • Skyline Drive starts in Northern Virginia in Front Royal (near Route 66 and 340), it is one of four entrance/exit points to Shenandoah National Park. The Front Royal entrance is mile marker 0.
  • The other three points are at Route 211 (exit for Luray) at Thornton Gap, Route 33 at Swift Run Gap and Route 64/Route 250 at Rockfish Gap. This is the end of Skyline Drive at marker 105 and is located in the Waynesboro-Charlottesville area (Smokey Mountains).
  • There are 75 overlooks where you can enjoy the spectacular views of different areas. Be prepared because temperatures can vary from overlook to overlook as can the wind conditions. Each mountain has its own weather.
  • There is a rock tunnel located around mile marker 33. This tunnel, built in 1932, is known as Marys Rock Tunnel and is just south of the Route 211 exit. The tunnel is 12′ 8″ for vehicle clearance. Beautiful photo op and the engineering is incredible. It really integrates well with nature.
not my image! I thought I had a photo of this, but I couldn’t find it!!
  • 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail runs through Shenandoah National Park.
  • Big Meadows, located at mile marker 51, is the largest developed area in the park. In addition to some interesting views outside, there are also exhibits located here in the visitor’s center.
  • The highest point is Hawksbill Mountain at 4,050 feet. The second highest is Stony Man Mountain, which is 4,010 feet.
  • It takes approximately 3 hours to drive the full 105 mile road. You can drive any or all of Skyline Drive. If you like to stop and take photos and want to see the full route, plan for the day.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

– Oscar Wilde

Hope you enjoyed and are having a great day so far!

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