Frederick (MD) Folklore and Legends

Nov 5, 2019

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The Haunted Mountain

This story comes from Spirits of Frederick by Alyce T. Weinberg. This story is very close to home, very close to where I live. In fact, pretty much my backyard…

A manic ghost, a white bearded, long haired, scraggly male with beady eyes put on an appearance some years ago on Gold Mine road, near Clifton in Braddock Heights.

He only showed himself to kids, who would tease and torment him and mock him. It was only a game to them. They called him Hatchet Harry.

Gold Mine Rd was only a wagon trail then, it led to a stream and a deserted caved-in mine shaft that was impossible to find…although hatchet Harry may have. No grown ups ever caught up with him, no matter what time of day or night they went to hunt him.

My parents never told me of this tale…I wander if they even knew?

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General Edward Braddock Monument

There’s another story, told about the other side of Braddock Mt, near where General Edward Braddock’s monument is on Route 40. In the book, it says the old Braddock trolley tracks are still there (this would’ve been the line from Hagerstown to Braddock. I doubt the tracks are still there…

There is an old, weed grown road that once led to a dance pavilion and a still at Braddock Springs. It was a gay meeting place for young folks. Some old timers swear that when they can’t sleep at night and the wind is quiet, they can hear ghostly sounds of the music and laughter, they hear strains of the vanished calliope on the merry-go-round that once was Braddock heights Amusement Park, and the singing of the Porch Club and the merry clang of the old trolley bell. Some say they can hear the muffled Indian war whoops and horses and artillery crossing a long-gone plank bridge.

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There’s a spook hill as well (they’re all over the place in Frederick)! On the lowest point on Cherry Lane, if you put your car in neutral and turn the ignition off, the car will slowly drift uphill.

I can’t find any images for Gold Mine Road…so, guess what Ill be doing sometime soon? Yup! It’s just a stone’s throw from my house so I can walk over and get some pics!!

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”      

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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