Fall Flowers

Nov 8, 2019

All images taken Oct 3 of this year…except the last one which was taken Oct 20.

I know you have seen some of these photos before…like the one below, with words.

These flowers, whatever they are, are just starting to die off.

I have to be honest here…I wasn’t going to do this, but hey! I know some of you have noticed that my posts are a little bit off sometimes, lately. Like last night. Something’s wrong, right? Well, yeah!

What I’m dealing with is part of my world…and this is Holly’s World, right? So… I didn’t sleep worth anything last night! And it wasn’t because I couldn’t turn my brain off or anything like that! And I – personally – am in a good place right now! It’s my boyfriend! Or, I guess I should say…ex-boyfriend! We’re done, we’re through. At some point I’ll tell you more, but right now, just know that I am strong! I am stronger than this!

What happened? His drinking is what happened! He doesn’t hit me or anything like that, it’s more emotional. Which is still bad! And I’m done! So done…

So, until I’m ready to tell you more, please know that I am ok! I will get through this and will be better on the other side. I am hurting, and I am fighting back tears as I’m writing this. But…

I will survive

I will stay strong

I will

“You can break down a woman temporarily, but a real woman will pick up the pieces, rebuild herself, and come back stronger than ever.”

~ unknown

Love to all!

Have a great day!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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