I wasn’t going to

Nov 10, 2019

but I had to!

All images in this post, again, are from previous posts. Food photography! I in no way (really) intend to give real directions for baking any of these food items.

Hope you enjoy!!

chocolate chip cookie pie
mix all ingredients together like you would for regular cookies
dump in a cast iron pan (3inch deep)
bake at temp specified on package for approx 45 min
(I would definitely check after 30-35 minutes)

First off, my last post #508, wasn’t supposed to post until 1pm (eastern U.S. time). So, obviously, I did something wrong!

Black Forrest Cake
*don’t follow the directions I had
it will taste like cardboard
as pretty as it looks

Second, sorry my last post of the day is so late! I’ve had a busy day! I drove down to near Baltimore, MD to visit a cousin and then my boyfriend and I went shopping for the week. She’s really my dad’s cousin, but hey … she just recently lost her youngest son and I wasn’t able to go down to the funeral. So, we had a one on one visit today. 🙁 Again, sorry this is late!

1) catch fish
2) get boyfriend to descale and gut
3) put descaled/gutted fish on aluminum foil with lemon juice and old bay, wrap
4) steam on grill until thoroughly cooked

I am absolutely exhausted and will be heading off to bed here shortly. Just wanted to make sure I touched base with you!

what ever you do, don’t let a blind man grill burgers!
much better!
Soda cakes
mix dry ingredients (can be a boxed cake mix)
add a can of soda and mix (I used Mountain Dew)
bake according to directions
top with icing (home made or store bought)

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and National Sundae Day, National

“I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.” ~ Winnie the Pooh

Hope everyone has a great day, night or evening

where ever you may be!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Life is good

even if you don’t have all the ingredients

~ HCMorris

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