I don’t know where I’m going

…but I’m on my way!

Nov 22, 2019

It’s really how I’ve felt all day! So, some odd ball stuff, to may make you laugh! Or maybe not!

Hope you enjoy!

But first…

Star Wars
types of beef
  • I just stepped on a cornflake. Now I am officially a cereal killer.
  • My favorite winter activity is going back inside where it’s warm (AFTER I’ve gotten my fill of picture taking!)
  • Oranges are actually male and female: if it squirts you in the eye without warning it’s a male, and if it’s bitter for no reason, it’s female.
  • Nigglywiggly is the actual name of the little paper flag thingy sticking out of Hershey’s Kisses
  • I just accidentally inhaled Kool Aid dust, so if I come busting through your wall, you know why

The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve.

It was an Apple, with extremely limited memory.

Just 1 byte, and everything crashed.

the infamous bee holder (beholder)
Thank you Mysterious Blogger!!

Tomorrow is National Adoption Day, National Espresso Day, National Eat A Cranberry Day, And National Cashew Day.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Hope you have a great day, night or evening

where ever you may be!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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And that’s a wrap on another day

where I acted like I knew what I was doing!

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