Blue and Purple

Nov 26, 2019


Image take October 29, 2019
edited sometime after that 🙂

Strange but true?

  • Shakespeare’s epitaph contains a curse for grave robbers.
  • Tug of war, live pigeon shooting, and pistol dueling were all Olympic events at one point
  • “We all know interspecies romance is weird.” – Tim Burton
  • “I’m looking into my past lives. I’m convinced some of them still owe me money.” – Graham Parke, Unspent Time

I’m not weird, I’m limited edition!

Tomorrow is National Craft Jerky Day, National Tie one on Day, National Bavarian Cream Pie Day and National Jukebox Day!

Hope you have a great day, night or evening

where ever you may be!

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It’s been a good day!

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