Sun Flare

Nov 28, 2019

sun light

sun bright

shining through the tree

give me warmth

may your love

surround me

~ HCMorris

Hope you are having a great day!

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Tomorrow is Electronic Greetings Day, Buy Nothing Day (that would be me!), Maize Day, National Day of Listening, National Flossing Day (after all that oh so good food, definitely need to floss!), Black Friday, National Native American Heritage Day

National Welcomegiving Day (is observed annually on the day after Thanksgiving. Conventionally when someone thanks us for a kindness or service, we respond by saying, “You’re Welcome.”  So, it was inevitable that someone would suggest the day after Thanksgiving we should remember to say, “You’re welcome.”)

Thank You!


You’re Welcome!

I may or may not be back later, at my usual not so unusual time. We plan on eating Thanksgiving Dinner around 330 (eastern US time) so after all that good food and a football game. I will probably be zonked out on the couch! But who knows…I may be back!

May your turkey be plump

May your potatoes and gravy never have a lump

May your pies take the prize

And May your Thanksgiving Dinner Stay off your thighs!

~ unknown ~


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