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Dec 6, 2019

As you may know – or maybe not – we don’t have an electric clothes dryer in the house! We got rid of the one we had a few years ago. I couldn’t tell you now if it was before or after my dad went blind, but it’s been a few years! Anyway, it was old…older than dirt, as some would say. The door wouldn’t stay shut (Had to prop something against it!), the chord that held the door from flopping all the way to the ground had broken, so you needed to have something to prop it up and… wait for it!, the timer didn’t work! So, you had to stick around and hopefully not forget that you had clothes in the dryer! Oh, and the knob wouldn’t always catch to start the dryer so you had to listen and keep turning the knob until you heard it catch!

Oh the joy…

So what do I do? Drying racks! I actually have two. One – the wooden one you see in the pic below – came from my grandmother. The red, plastic one – which you can’t see – was one my mom had when we were little. It’s smaller than the wooden one, but it works!

Towels and bed sheets get hung over doors – which ever doors I can use (Inside doors, of course!). During the winter, the wood stove helps dry the clothes that much quicker. They can be dry in a few hours, depending on what has been washed.

Tee shirts, sweatshirts and anything that goes on a hanger, goes on said hanger and gets hung in the window to dry. The curtain rods come in handy!

I want to take the ladder apart and hang it from the ceiling where the wood stove is, but my boyfriend won’t have it. I think it could be used to hang sheets on! Or towels! So, until the time comes, hanging these things over the door will have to work.

During the summer, I do the same thing! (Drying racks! In the house!) I used to hang clothes outside on the clothes line, but we have had such a problem with stink bugs in the last few years, it’s just better to keep the clothes inside. Plus, a tree took out the clothes line a couple of years ago and I haven’t replaced it…because of the stink bugs!

There is nothing worse than stink bugs in your clean clothes! They get in EVERYTHING! And I learned, you have to take each individual piece of clothing/towel/sheets – whatever – shake it out, turn it inside out and shake it, check it and take it in the house. Then repeat, with every single item! One item at a time. That, tales a lot of time and patience, much more than just hanging everything in the house. The stink bugs aren’t as bad as they used to be, so maybe, within the next year or two, we can replace the old clothes line and start hanging stuff outside again!

winter time clothes dryer
just don’t stick the clothes INSIDE, please!

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. I have used drying racks before. Looks like laundry day can be quite interesting at your house. You must really have a huge amount of stink bugs. We have a lot, but they do not get on the clothes when I hang them outside.

    • Not as bad as they used to be, the stink bugs, that is. Living in farm country can have its ups and downs…stink bugs LOVE soy, and some of the farmers around here plant that. You could hardly walk outside without getting bombarded by them a few years ago! Luckily, it’s not so bad anymore (the harsh winters help, I think).

      • We live in the country, but what is grown around us is hay and then fields full of cattle. Glad the bug situation is better for you.

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