nothing special on a saturday in december

Dec 7, 2019

Just thought I’d share some photos! Really nothing special, kind of a lazy day. I’ve spent the day taking photos and working on them, watching two movies (Beauty and the Beast – 2014, not the cartoon, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit) with my son.

coal buckets and some ashes/coal

This is Santa’s “just in case” supply of coal! He stops by and picks it up, if he needs it! In return, leaves us a sense of humor 🙂

When we empty out the wood stove of ashes twice a week, we always make sure to put them out with water…it takes about a gallon. And I don’t dump it until I know for sure that the fire is completely out. Usually later in the day.

One of the wood piles, covered with a tarp. It started to rain yesterday, so my son and I covered it. My boyfriend and I brought some wood in the house, but left it covered because it’s supposed to rain. One of these days, we’ll get a real roof or covering for the wood. For now, this works.

That’s blood – my blood. Yesterday, when I was putting the tarp up, I busted my thumb! Try as I might, I can’t get a good photo of my bruised thumb. It hurts, especially when I use it, but I will survive.

under the deck…it’s not as bad as it used to be! I’ve actually pulled a lot of 2 by 4’s or 6’s to use for shelving. Used to be a lot worse!

a star in the garden…

my cat smelling me… I don’t know what he smelled, if anything. I guess he wanted to make sure I am still his human!

staring at the wall…what is it that cats hear in the wall? I can find him in almost any room, staring at the wall! Even the bathroom!!

I love watching the wood burn! The other day it was burning blue and purple but I couldn’t get a picture of it 🙁

It’s been a good day!

Hope you’re having a good day as well! And that the rest of the day, night or evening is even better!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care, and celebrate.”

~ Amit Ray

Tomorrow is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day and National Brownie Day.

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