against the sky

Dec 12, 2019

Here are some images I’ve taken recently…against the sky. Whether it was a gray, dreary day or bright blue sky! What is it with photos like these? Everyone takes them? Is it the feeling it creates? Or the sharp contrasts? I have no idea, but, I too, enjoy images such as these. Both viewing them and taking them!

Hope you enjoy!

Sassafras tree, I do believe

While attending class at the local community college, I had a professor ask me how I framed my images. I can’t remember exactly how he phrased it and I know why he asked…so that maybe I could help future students or very possibly help my classmates.

cigar tree

My response was…”I shoot what I like!” I can’t explain it, I really can’t. I see something I like, get it in frame with my camera and adjust as I need to and push the button.

Sometimes, a lot of times, I crop the image in photoshop. I’d say about 50% of the time. Most of the time, like in the first photo the image looks better if it’s “grounded”, has something near the bottom of the photo to kind of anchor it. But that isn’t always the case, like in the second photo. I can’t give you a reason why that photo works, but it does.

ornamental grass with trees in the background

I’ve also learned in the last year or so, to try and leave some negative space, so words can be added if wanted or needed. In the photo above, I could’ve cropped it closer to the bottom of the ornamental grass plume. But I feel like it could very possibly have a quote (or some words) added, so I left extra room.

While attending Shepherd University, in my Digital Photography class, we had to do a series with words…you’ve seen some of them before (the frog on my finger with the words “Kiss Me”, is one I can think of). And that’s part of the reason I started doing the “Fun with Words” and “Inspirational” posts. I like to do it!

I thought I had straightened the chimney… and I didn’t realize the cross was there when I took the photo. I was more focused on the chimney and the newspaper. I could’ve easily taken the cross out, but…it doesn’t bother me. Not as much as having the chimney straight.

The building with the newspaper painted on it used to be the Frederick News-Post building. They moved to a bigger, newer building a few years ago, and I think the building is empty – but don’t quote me.

smoke from the chimney

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been doing art. In elementary school, I had a poster used to help promote some event that was happening. Most of my high school career was centered around art… After high school, I was supposed to go to The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. But, five days before I graduated (1995), I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer…operated on 5 days after graduation…spent that summer, fall and winter going through chemo. I tried to go to Frederick Community College (FCC), but ended up dropping out. I just couldn’t keep up with the classes, chemo (I finished chemo in December of that year), doctor’s appointments. When my son (born in 1998) started kindergarten, I went back to school. First FCC – AA in art in 2006) then Shepherd in 2008, after my mom passed away (she passed away in 2007). I got my Bachelor’s degree in Photography in 2012.

Here soon, I’ve got another HOW TO post to share…I’m not sure exactly what it will be about, but I’m sure it will be useful to someone. 🙂 I’ll also have some before and after and other stuff to share. As I have ideas, I haven’t completely planned them out, so you will know when I do!

Hope you enjoyed!

Have a great day!

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“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

~ William Edward Hickson

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