A Migraine in the works

Dec 18, 2019

I woke up with a migraine this morning…I struggled through it for an hour, got what I needed to get done, done and laid back down. My cats litter box had to wait til now. As long as I keep on top of his litter boxes (he has two – one with paper and one with dirt, of which the details are for another day) for the most part, he does ok! This means that the rest of the day, I have to take it relatively easy and stay in the house, small amounts of food, any food, to keep my stomach settled…keep everything as low key as possible.

I think it’s the cold outside that brought on the migraine, or the starts of one. It is 28 degrees outside at the moment (23 degrees when I woke up at 615am). I tend to get headaches when the weather does an extreme change. Whether it goes from hot to cold, cold to hot, sunny to cloudy and rainy…it seems to be worse when it’s an extreme change. A twenty or thirty degree change will do it. Even a fifteen degree change has brought on a headache.

It all has to do with barometric pressure changes and some people (me included) are susceptible. The more extreme the pressure change, the more extreme the headache/migraine. There is a theory that headaches/migraines triggered by extreme weather changes is a protective response. Getting a headache or migraine makes the sufferer seek more a hospitable environment.

For me, I take Aleve and lay down. Get as warm and dark as possible and away from all noise. Considering that I woke up with the migraine it was all I could do to get the two posts done and try to get some coffee in me. Honestly, warm milk would’ve probably been better. Fresh Ginger works really well, but I don’t have any. (You can rub it on your forehead, or what ever part of your body that hurts, or you can boil it and drink the water tincture. There’s recipe out there…lemon juice, boiled ginger water, and water…I’ll have to find it.)So I had to do what I had to do.

Usually I can feel the headache coming on and take action to quell it before it gets to a migraine, and I can tell without listening to the weather man when there’s going to be “change in the air”. When it happens that I wake up with one and it’s pretty much a full blown migraine there’s nothing to do but take some meds and go back to bed.

I’ve been dealing with this for well over 20 years, when I started realizing that these headaches were related to the weather.

So, that’s my story for today. Hope yours is much better than mine!

Thanks for stopping by!!
*I’m sure I’ll be back later today!

2 Comments on “A Migraine in the works

  1. Weather fronts and temperature changes cause my vertigo to act up. Winter time is the worse. At the moment my vertigo is going full steam ahead. I have great sympathy for you and your migraine headache problem. Hope you feel better soon.

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    • Thank you!
      Usually, once the barometer settles, my headache goes away. So, while the barameter is changing I’ve got a headache medicine only dulls. Yesterday though…full on migraine.
      Thanks again for the well wishes and hope your vertigo settles down.

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