Dec 19, 2019

My last post -WAITING – was post #666, so, I am quickly doing another one!

Do you believe in numbers myth? Or 666? I’m not sure that I do, and I am not dwelling on it too much, but I’m also not letting it linger too much either.

What is it about the number 666?

  • 666 is the number or mark of the beast, according to the Bible (Revelations, Chapter 13).
  • The numbers 666 can or have been known to represent Emperor Nero, the Roman emperor around the time the book of Revelation was written. If you take Emperor Nero’s name and write it in Hebrew, the letters, which can also have numeric values, “add up” to 666.
  • To be called a 666 was an insult, as the number 7 stood for completeness and wholeness.
  • Some say that the mark of the beast – the Catholic article above included – actually refers to a historical time and place, the Roman Empire and not to put any “superstitious” relevance to it.
  • http://www.uscatholic.org/articles/201309/what-666-bible-27901

Is there anything else about the number?

  • the 666 angel…if you are repeatedly seeing the number 666, the 666 Angel number acts as a reminder that spiritual journey is more important than materialistic things, is associated with positive vibrations and acts as a wake up call, encouraging us to take stock in our morals and values.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666, has its origins in both religious and superstitious beliefs. How do you even pronounce that fear?

So, nothing good or bad about the number 666. Something good, I do think 🙂 and I’d look more into it, but I wanted to do this quickly as my son is waiting for me! Either way, good or bad, 666 is now behind me.

I’ve actually never had much association with the number other than knowing it’s the mark of the beast from the Bible.

Hope you are having a great day so far!

Thanks for stopping by!!

What do you think? What are your beliefs? Is 666 that significant a number?

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    • didn’t really bother me…something to research, right? I’ve known of people that would buy something extra if their bill came to 666

      • I saw a lady in front of me buy something else to get rid of the total $6,66. I got a bill like that at wal mart one day and just paid it. It is fine to research 666.

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