Skater's Shelter, Baker Park

Dec 19, 2019

There was a time when Culler Lake, Baker Park, would freeze over enough that you could skate on it. Not any more. By the time I came along, it was forbidden – it didn’t get cold enough for the lake to freeze hard enough to be considered safe to skate on.

Skater’s Shelter
Baker Park
completed Dec 1939
Lloyd C. Culler, Mayor

When I was young, I’m talking no older than 5, the fire department would flood an area to the west of the lake and let it freeze. Then, ice skaters could skate with little fear of falling through. And if the ice did break? The water was only a couple inches deep, so you wouldn’t fall completely through. I don’t remember that ever happening though. My mom took me down a couple of times.

If you’re familiar with the area, the area where they flooded is near where the Schifferstadt mansion stands, which I will be writing about soon enough. It’s a naturally low laying area and always floods when we get a lot of rain, and is below where the mansion stands.

The city and county – and maybe even the state? – had free museum tours over the weekend, but we didn’t go. The weather didn’t permit us. 😦

A crazy law in Maryland: it was once declared a city violation in Maryland to sell chicks or ducklings to a minor within a week of Easter

Hope you have a great day!

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