Camping at Hatteras

Dec 20, 2019

Not sure if all of these photo are from the same year, but they’re all taken at the same place…Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. We spent every summer there in my “formative years”, the last year being the year we got caught in Hurricane Bob (1991, if I remember correctly).

Most years, including the year we got caught in the hurricane, we were usually facing the other way in the camp ground. I have no idea what year this was…one of the later years. Could’ve been the year before the hurricane.

The photo above I know was taken during the year of the hurricane… whether it was before or after, I’m not sure. The water is rough! (Rougher than normal.) I’m sure it’s down near what they call The Point, near where the ferry’s dock. The ferry’s take people back and forth to Okracoke Island. Because of the hurricane and the rough waters, it’s highly unlikely that we were able to make it over to the island that year.

Buxton Lighthouse, before it was moved. As a little girl, I remember going up to the top. I must’ve only been two or three. There were steps missing and you couldn’t go out on the walkway at the top. It was actually getting dangerous at that point to go to the top. The next year we went down, no one was allowed in the light house.

It was moved about 20 years ago…give or take. They were scared that the ocean would take it. It is one of the world’s tallest brick lighthouses, standing at 208 feet tall! It’s beam reaches 20 miles into the ocean.

rainbow at the beach

ready to leave…with the camper hooked up to the truck, we were only a few inches shorter than a standard size tractor trailer. My dad is driving…

  • Cape Hatteras coastline is known as “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”
  • Hatteras Island is 50 miles ling and 3.5 miles wide at its widest, Buxton being the widest point
  • the notorious Diamond Shoals are located just off shore of Hatteras Island. The Diamond Shoals are shifting sandbars and have caused hundreds of shipwrecks over the past five centuries, hence the name “Graveyard of the Atlantic”.
  • Hatteras Island is named after the Native American Tribe who were settled in this region, Avon was once “Kinnakeet”, and “Rodanthe” (pronounced ro-danth) was known as “Chicamacomico”.

“First to the beach, last to leave” ~ unknown

(This was us!!)

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