Dec 25, 2019

I got some new camera accessories for Christmas! So, I’ve already been out experimenting and got them on the computer.

Now, I’m showing off… 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

All of the photos here were taken with my new 10X MACRO lens! I didn’t crop… the only thing I did to them was resize and copywright. And I’ve still got room, with some of them, that I can put quotes/words to them and not affect the photo.

The wind was blowing slightly, but they still came out pretty good, IMHO!

Can you tell the difference between these and my other photos? Not sure I can, accept that I don’t have to crop. And the detail seems much crisper. These are only a few of the pics I’ve taken…as I’ve been playing around and experimenting.

This makes showing my photos much easier…no more cropping! At least when I use this lens. I got 4 lenses. 1x, 2x, 4x and 10x. They just screw on to the normal lens.

I also got some filters, and two things I’m not sure exactly what they are. They didn’t come with instructions, and I guess my boyfriend thought I’d know exactly what they are and what purpose they serve. I didn’t go to school to learn about camera parts, I went to learn how to take better pics and get experience in different areas (darkroom, digital, computer, studio…). He was like “Ok, miss photographer, tell me what it’s for!”. LOL!

I haven’t messed with them. Soon enough, once I play with my new macro lenses a little. I’m sure, after a while, when I’m taking photos and popping one macro off and popping another on and doing what ever, I may not be able to tell which lens I used. Not for a while, anyway. Which is why I’m only playing with one lens at a time.

I’m kinda just going with the flow today! Not sure if I’ll be back later or not… so…

Tomorrow is Boxing Day, National Candy Cane Day, National Thank You Note Day, and National Whiners Day.

Hope you are having a great day!

Hope Santa has been good to you!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

5 Comments on “Experimenting

  1. When I see your pictures, I realize that I need a new camera. Your photography is above outstanding. I don’t know if you work as a photographer, but you should be paid for your art! I love everything about your portfolio of work here! A great blog is hard to find, and I adore yours! Great work! Very inspirational.

    • Thank you! I did go to school for photography and 99% of my photos go through Photoshop.
      I’m working on becoming a paid photographer but I don’t do studio work and working with people (weddings) not my can of soup. I’ve got some ideas floating in this crazy head of mine…calendars and books being two. It just takes time, especially since I’ve been awol for a couple of years.
      I’ll get there. I have to believe it!
      Thanks again for the feedback and compliments.
      Your photos aren’t too shabby, if I can say so myself! I love looking at what other people are doing as well, yours included! ☺

      • Now I want to take a photography course! I know you will accomplish whatever course you choose to embark upon in your lifetime. The calendar idea is bomb! You should totally do that! When you are ready, of course.

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