No need to Panic!

Dec 27, 2019

My boyfriend and I have been out cutting up and splitting trees most of the day!

Since tomorrow is “Cell Phone Saturday”, I will have pics for you. He cut down 4 locust trees and a maple that were all but dead earlier this week. Now we’re cutting them into usable pieces for the wood stove.

The photo above was from when we had that maple come down…what was it, over a month ago? (All the way back in October! I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since that happened!)

It’s gone now! Most of it is in a pile that needs to be split – it’s too big around to split by hand. Some of the pieces are over 24 inches in diameter! We will need to rent a splitter at some point – soon. We want a big enough pile that makes it worth renting it for 24 hours, or what ever it is that the rental time goes for.

None of these photos are from today – as it takes me time to get them off my camera and edited, if it needs it.

So, I’m pretty worn out! Hopefully, I will sleep well, with all that fresh air. Of course, I will more than likely be getting up around 1 am to refill the wood stove. If it needs it!

Tomorrow is Holy Innocents Day, National Card Playing Day, National Chocolate Candy Day, Pledge of Allegiance Day and National Short Film Day.

“Time spent amongst the trees is never wasted time.” ~ Katrina Mayer

“Where ever your life plants you, bloom with grace!” ~ unknown

Hope you have a great day, night, or evening

where ever you may be!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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