Playing with my new lenses

Dec 28, 2019

Picture(s) of the Week

With these photos, I used the 18-55mm lens plus three of my new macro lenses stacked on top…+1, +2, +10. This allows the photographer (me!) to get super close to the subject. I was probably only about 2-3 inches away! I did do some cropping, just to make “your” eye focus, and also to get rid of some negative space.

Hope you enjoy!


One of the logs my boyfriend split had ants in it. They’re probably dead by now…which is a good thing! Not that I don’t like ants, but carpenter ants are no good for wood…decks, wooden doors, anything wood.

I love the details I was able to get in the ants!


Yes, we have a dandelion blooming! It’s the only one I’ve seen recently. Which gives me an opportunity to play! 🙂

Dead tulip poplar flower bud…

Crepe Myrtle Seed Pod…

Baby Pine Cone…

These photos were taken yesterday, while we were out cutting and splitting wood. I had to get down on my hands and knees to get them…and for some, I was actually laying on the ground. I’m just glad that the ground is in such a state that I can do this…I may not if there was snow on the ground. My jeans did get muddy, but they need to be washed anyway. What with messing with wood and all…even my clean sweatshirt needs to be washed again. But not until I’m done messing with the wood.

This is only a sample of the photos I took yesterday! I think I took about 100! Which really isn’t all that unusual for me. When I really get into what I’m doing…the photographs flow! And you will get to see them soon enough!

Happy Saturday!

Don’t let people change the loving and caring person you are.

Don’t let anyone get you down.

Use the love and goodness inside you to stay strong.

You are special!

~ unknown ~

Hope you have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Have a great weekend!

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