Holly Trees and Pine Cones

Jan 4, 2020

Cell Phone Saturday

The sun popped out for about 5 minutes not that long ago, then it started raining again! And when does it start raining? When I grab the cell phone and head out to take some pics! Oh well, at least it wasn’t pouring down rain – just a light drizzle! It didn’t start raining hard until I came back in the house!

So, while I was out walking about I found three more baby holly’s! That means… seven holly’s in that one area, plus two or three more! There will be at least 9 holly’s to transplant in the spring… if I can get them all transplanted! I guess some of them will go along the fence that separates us from I-70. And then I’ll put some along the fence that separates us from the farm next door!

Holly’s World now has a double meaning! Twenty one holly’s – plus one, that’s how many holly’s are on this property at any given time! I’ll have to count them all, but I believe there are twenty one holly plants on the property, plus me, which makes twenty two!

Oh my!! Have you ever seen so many holly’s in one place?

We have a few pine trees as well – most of which are dead! Which will explain the shape of the pine cones in the following photos! And since today is National Trivia Day, I will share some trivia about pines and pine cones!

  • pine cones are the official state flower of Maine: Pine cones aren’t flowers, so how they named pine cones as the official flower, I have no idea (maybe it has something to do with the state’s nickname – The Pine Cone State!). Pine cones are actually gymnosperm which are technically seeds.
  • pine cones were a dinosaur delicacy: Parasaurolophus (often referred to as the duck bill dinosaur) really enjoyed eating pine cones!
  • pine cone worship: there are images of the Mayan god, Chicomecoatl (means “7 Snakes”), offering pine cones in one hand and an evergreen tree in the other. There are also images of “Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead, carrying a staff of two intertwining serpents rising up to meet a pine cone, dating back to 1224 BC.” The Greek god, Dionysus, carried a staff that was topped by a pine cone. The sacred papal staffs of the Pope all feature a pine cone near the top. Outside of St. Peter’s in Vatican City is the “The Court of the Pine Cone” where a huge, three story tall bronze sculpture of a pine cone literally holds court.
  • place a pine cone under your pillow if you want to get pregnant: Celtic women believed pine cones were a symbol of fertility and ancient Romans associated pine cones with Venus, the goddess of love and fertility.
  • The geographic center of human brains is called the Pineal Gland and is named for the pine cone because of its shape. The pineal gland governs our perception of light as well as our sleep/wake patterns and receives the most blood flow of any organ other than the kidneys.
  • some pine cones can actually nourish you: think pine nuts! A good source of thamine (B1), vitamins K and L, magnesium and protein. Boiling white pine needles and making a tea is a good source of vitamin c.
  • pine cones are male and female: male pine cones are smaller, softer, and not as impressive as female cones, male cones release the pollen.
  • pine cones are nature’s barometer: closed scales indicate wet or damp conditions while open scales mean the forest floor is dry. In the fall, large pine cones are produced before a severe winter
  • https://www.huffpost.com/entry/thirteen-things-you-never_b_11763858

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And now, it is time for me to go…I think I’ve rattled on enough for today!!

Tomorrow is National Keto Day, National Whipped Cream Day, National Screenwriters Day and National Bird Day.

Hope you have a great day, night or evening

where ever you may be!

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