Brother and Sister

Jan 5, 2020

Cell Phone Photo

Taken today
with my cell phone
Aperture: 2.4; Exposure Time: 1/127sec; ISO 50

I was going to get rid of this figurine of Raggedy Ann and Andy, but my boyfriend said not to. So, I still have it and found a new home for it! It has a music box built into it, and it doesn’t play but a few notes anymore. The music box was added by hand, which makes me think that if I take the time, I could take it out and replace it. And give it a proper stand!

Raggedy Ann was first introduced in 1915 by Johnny Gruelle as a rag doll, The first children’s book was published in 1918, by Gruelle who was an illustrator and cartoonist.

“Some folks try their faults to hide

By opening their mouths real wide.”

~ Raggedy Ann

Tomorrow is National Cuddle Up Day, National Bean Day, National Thank God It’s Monday Day, National Shortbread Day and National Technology Day.

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where ever you may be!

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