A Year Ago Today!

Jan 7, 2020

Jan 7, 2019 – We had no heat… on one of the coldest days of the year/season, we had the wood stove installed! And it was a struggle! When the guys showed up to install the stove before Christmas, we quickly realized we didn’t have a hearth! Um, yeah! We kinda need that!

We thought that it came with the stove, or was included in the price we paid for the stove! You know – price of stove + price of hearth = total paid! I thought, when I ordered the stove I also ordered the hearth, but it wasn’t on the invoice, so we had to wait to install the stove! This was around Dec 18, 2018!

And my car was in the shop…I had almost forgotten that! So, after the guys – my boyfriend included – got the wood stove in the house, we went to get my car! And guess what? The hearth wouldn’t fit in my car! No surprise there, really, since I drive a little Chevy Aveo. But that meant we had to take my boyfriends truck, which was having issues of its own, up to Smithsburg (MD). This is about an hour drive from where we live!

So after some trials and pushing through with a propane heater (you’ll see it in one of the photos below), we finally had the wood stove installed on January 7, 2019!

All the photos are cell phone photos!

We turned the power off to the room…or at least part of the power. When they wired the house, well, the wall in the “wood stove room”, that wall where they cut through for the chimney, is connected to the dishwasher (which we no longer have). Why? Don’t ask me, ask the people who built the house! It doesn’t make any sense to me either!! (The kitchen is to the left, in the photo below.)

As you can tell, the fan and the light still work. The reason we turned the power off is because the stud finder, which is also an electrical finder, beeped indicating electrical behind the wall where we were going to cut!

So, just to be on the safe side, we cut the power! There was really no reason for a wire to be there. Normally wires don’t run that high unless going from a switch to a ceiling light and there’s no switch there.

cutting a hole in the wall
if the stove doesn’t look lined up with the hole, it’s not! We had to shift it over

That little propane heater kept the house relatively warm. We had two going, one out in the main part of the house and one back in the library – only part time. And, obviously, we turned the heater off when we went to bed!

We also had a space heater going.

The cat loves the warm, new wood stove! The photo below was taken January 5, 2019. I actually cropped out some of the photo, which would have shown the space heater. I just wanted to include the photo, showing my cat part way in a box!

And now, today, it is snowing! It started snowing about a half hour or so ago. And it already looks like someone has sprinkled powdered sugar on the ground! About time to grab the camera and head outside!

“Even a good photographer takes so-so pictures sometimes!”
~ HCMorris ~

“Despite everything I’m still here!” ~ unknown

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  1. I heated with a wood stove a good part of my life…my cats loved it too. I married a city boy a few years back, and now live in town. No wood stove, but I have a fireplace I use on occasion.

    • It’s our only source of heat, so I gotta love it! LOL… While it can be a lot of work, it’s worth it!
      Thanks for the comment ☺

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