The Spirits of Schifferstadt 1986

Jan 14, 2020

Spirits and Legends of Frederick County, MD

This story comes from Spirits of Frederick by Alyce T. Weinberg…

taken by me

“Sandstone walls, two and a half feet thick, three stories of hand-hewn timbers of native oak pinned together with wooden pegs. So stands Schifferstadt, unique, probably the finest example of early colonial architecture in Maryland.”

The guides say that the house, really a mansion, is haunted by the Brunners. Joseph (Josef) Brunner named the place “Schifferstadt, after his birthplace near Mannheim, Germany. He received 248 acres in the 1730’s, and completed the oldest, standing house here in 1756. There is also a black smith that roams the halls…

Men and women talking in German, doors opening and shutting, the feeling of being watched, hearing footsteps going up and down the stairs … are all stories that have been told about the place. Most of the “Happenings” happen upstairs, on the second level.

One day, a guide was sitting at the desk in the gallery, there was a customer in the basement when the alarm in the attic went off. The guide asked the customer, when she came upstairs if she had touched the button located in the basement. The customer said she knew of no such alarm and she hadn’t heard anything in the basement.

There is, apparently, a shadow with a voice that has been named Jacob…

a little boy spirit is mostly seen in the attic…

there’s a woman that tends to things in the kitchen…

No one will spend the night in the house…

the apparitions tend to be warm, not scary.

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