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Jan 16, 2020

We’ve been to Fort Frederick a couple of times… here I’ll show you some (more) photos from the last time we went, back in 2010. As I took a ton of pictures that day, I am showing you mostly re-enactments and living quarters.

the white dot in the photo above is where the fort is located…

I normally, probably, wouldn’t use the photo above, but I like the way it looks. At least today I do…

outside the fort…dogs are not allowed inside the fort, and seeings how my sister had her dog with us, we had to take turns going inside. And guess who got to see absolutely everything he wanted to see? If you guessed my son, you guessed right. 🙂

Luckily, there was a nice shaded picnic area outside of the visitors center where we could wait with the dog.

firing demonstration

in the smoke… (above and below)

As far as I can remember, this re-enactor is a Roger’s Ranger, or at least protraying one. They were a provincial company from New Hampshire, and practiced “unconventional warfare”… The “Rangers'” get their name from the founder – Robert Rogers.

two hospital beds (replication)

tents outside the fort…

Roll Call

I have a video of the roll call at Holly’s World Facebook page, if you would like to see it! It’s only 30 seconds long…I didn’t want to use up all my storage space on my camera!

training for battle

one of the two buildings inside the fort… I’m standing on the porch outside of the building on the opposite side of the fort. It’s exactly the same as the building you are looking at, except that this one you can walk through (the one in the photo is mostly roped off). When I was working on the photo, I noticed that the roof is damaged (at the top, near the second chimney from the left).

generals (?) sleeping quarters

trade materials and such things that were used at the time…

the top of the wall

they have a platform that you can climb up to, and obviously, they ask that you stay off the wall itself!

There is almost always something going on at the fort…the day we went they had Roger’s Rangers re-enactors there, a battle with Indians, and living history where you could walk amongst the tents and get a feel for how things were and how rough life was (no electricity, no running water, etc.).

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The images are my own…

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