an icy, gloomy day

Jan 18, 2020

We didn’t get the snow we were supposed to get, instead, we got ice!! It’s freezing rain at the moment.I’d much rather have snow!! But, it is what it is! I just hope the ice doesn’t get too thick and the wind doesn’t pick up! I moved my car closer to the house, just in case… I’ve already had to deal with a part of a tree coming down on my car once back in 2014. I don’t need that again!

So, below you will find photos I just took today (Saturday, Jan 18, 2020 in case you’re reading this any other time 🙂 )

Hope you enjoy!!

Cell Phone Saturday

looks like rain…

I know you can’t really see the ice in the photo above. I’m going to put my boots on in a little bit and take some photos with my CANON.

icicles on my mirror
it’s the cold
of winter
in Maryland

the navy bell

“When does hibernation start ’cause I’m 100% participating in that!”
~ ?

For many years now, probably since I had cancer and went through chemo, I’ve said that if I could hibernate, I would! Not that I can’t stand winter, I just don’t like it. I deal with it, probably better than my boyfriend, and at this point spring is just around the corner. Just need to get through February, which is probably the hardest month.

inside the navy bell

“Nothing burns like the cold.” ~ George R.R. Martin

I wasn’t feeling all that well until I went out and took some pics. Not that I’m feeling sick, just…not right! I just had that gut feeling that something wasn’t right. Hopefully, that feeling is gone now and I can move on!

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” ~ Hal Borland

Tomorrow is World Quark Day (Quark is a delicious high-protein, low-fat alternative to soft cheese and yogurt that can be used for baking, cooking and blending) and National Popcorn Day – time to break out the popcorn machine!! My son was just saying something about wanting to make some popcorn…

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!

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5 Comments on “an icy, gloomy day

  1. Maryland Ice
    melts away in a day!
    The New York and
    Northeast icy types
    that migrate via the
    South Florida byway:
    their coldness
    and icy attitude
    stays and stays!

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