My Dad’s Story

Jan 21, 2020

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By Max A. Morris
Edited by HCMorris

Marion Catherine Shaffer
Floyd Morris
– my parents –
wedding picture?

I was born on a little farm in 1937 in Pennsylvania. It was owned by my Uncle Wilbert at the time and located behind Little Brook Farm, where my mother and her youngest sister grew up.

when I was a boy, I wanted to be a cowboy!
photo was taken by a “street” or “traveling” photographer

Both farms are on the outskirts of a little town called Hyndman, in Pennsylvania. It’s kind of between Cumberland Md and Bedford Pennsylvania.

Image result for hyndman pa map
Hyndman is the red dot in Pennsylvania (above)
to the North is Bedford Pa, South is Cumberland, Md
– it’s one of those towns if you blink, you miss it
Related image

Shortly after I was born we moved into town (Hyndman). We lived on Water Street …  There is a story, that when my parents were getting ready to go out, they (probably my mother) put me on the training potty and left the room. When they came back, I was nowhere to be found. I was found two blocks away, buck naked, carrying my little “tar baby” doll. I had a baby doll back then.

In 1938, Keith was born and in 1941, Larry was born. Both of my brothers were born in the Cumberland hospital.  I remember my father going off to World War II, and going to D.C. to visit him. My father would send packages back home. Those packages ended up being a rifle that my father had disassembled when offloading the ship in California. My father never saw battle, shortly after he was drafted the war ended.  He wasn’t the only soldier that snuck guns or ammo off the ships.
When the war was over, I remember making multiple signs that read “The War is Over” and sticking it in the back window of my parents car and also in the house we lived in, in Ridgeley.
me – 6 years old

In the early 1940’s, my family moved to Ridgeley, WV.  We lived in an apartment complex. It was actually a “house” that was built so it could be divided into four different apartments, two up and two down. It had a common backyard and bathrooms (one up and one down that the families shared).  The upstairs neighbors weren’t very friendly or clean. They had worms, and Keith and I got worms from them. Needless to say, we never got along with them.

My brother, Keith, and I almost burnt the apartment complex down, by sticking straw into the space heater. We had been told to stay in the bedroom, since my parents had company and didn’t want to be interrupted. We were playing under the bed and Keith stuck a piece of straw in the electric space heater. The box spring caught on fire! My father caught the fire before any serious damage was done.

** more to come **

I’m thinking about calling my dad’s story “My Life, My Story” or something like that…I thought about “My Dad’s Story”, but considering it was initially written by him and edited by me, well, it doesn’t really make sense.

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