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I know I should’ve done this yesterday, but by the time we got home I was plumb tuckered out! I collapsed on the couch and basically did nothing the rest of the afternoon and evening. Doing this now, I can give you more info than I would have if I had tried to struggle through it last night…

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I didn’t get any photos of Hancock, and I’m sorry I didn’t because it’s an old “country” town in Maryland, bordering Pennsylvania and West Virginia… Hancock, which is where my aunt’s viewing was, was known as “Northbend” and “Tonoloway Settlement” as early as the 1730s, and was a major transportation hub, being located along the Potomac and Tonoloway Rivers. President Washington often visited the area as a young person

Image result for hancock md map
Hancock, MD
Frederick, Baltimore and D.C. are to the east
Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia is to the south
Warfordsbug, PA
to the north – where the Morris family settled back in the day
and where my uncles, grandfather, great grandparents and great great grandparents are buried, as well as other family members
Jerusalem Christian Church, Warfordsburg, PA
to the left is the cemetery
(forgotten tales of Pennsylvania)
my great grandparents
Benjamin Morris 1879-1953
Margaret “Lovey” (Divelbiss) Morris 1883-1924
(Hidden History Of Northwestern Pennsylvania)

From what I’ve found, the Divelbiss’ settled in Fredrick…some of the sons decided to keep going west, which is how they ended up in the Warfordsburg area. The Divelbiss’ originally came from Germany.

my great great grandparents
Oliver Denton Morris 1852-1925
Isabelle Belle (Layton) Morris 1853-1913
(Pennsylvania: A History of the Commonwealth)

There’s a few of my ancestors that are buried here, but I didn’t take pics…not sure exactly how they are related. You see Garland and Layton in the background – they are both family names. Isabelle was a Layton before being married. Thomas Lawton/Laughton is or was my direct ancestor, going back 14 generations and was born and died in Cranfield, Bedfordshire England in 1524. His wife was Joan Wheeler. The Layton’s/Laughtons came to America in the mid 1600’s sometime.

When going through some of my grandfathers stuff before my dad died, I found a bunch of obituaries and have found that they are family. Or were. I had to get on MyHeritage and get info I knew into the database before I could make the connection. I knew there was a reason that my grandfather, and possibly my great grandfather, saved them! Some of the dates go all the way back to the early 1800’s.

Oliver’s father – Thomas, came from Wales and I’m not sure where he is buried. He could very possibly be buried in the same cemetery, I just haven’t found him.

Interstate 70 crop- looking west
Sidling Hill in the background
in the foreground is Blue Goose Fruit Market and Bakery
(Plantations, Slavery and Freedom)

The Blue Goose used to be a restaurant, but it looks like it’s just a bakery, fruit market and gift shop now.

same as above, but not cropped
(Maryland, A Middle Temperament)
70 west bound
most of the day was gray and drizzly
when it needed to be dry, it was
and the fog was thick
(Your Maryland)

I kinda did this photo show backwards, that’s just the way it worked out.

  • Fort Frederick, which I have written about before, is just up the road from Hancock.
  • Warfordsburg, PA gets its name from Joseph Warford who was deeded 100 acres in 1776. It is an unicorporated community in Fulton County in Pennsylvania.
  • Maryland is often referred as America in Miniature: a variety of topography including beaches, mountains, marshland, swamps, mountains…the highest point is Hoye-Crest on Backbone Mountain (Backbone Mountain is a ridge of the Allegheny Mountains of the central Appalachian Mountain Range. It is situated in the U.S. states of West Virginia and Maryland and forms a portion of the Eastern Continental Divide). Backbone Mountain is 3,360 feet above sea level, the lowest point is sea-level along the Atlantic Ocean, 2,633 square miles of Maryland are covered by water.

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