water, water – everywhere!

Jan 27, 2020

Fun With Words

“Water is the driving force of all nature” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

the photo above is linked to “Dehydrated water” at amazon… I thought is was funny!

So… on to some cool stuff I found! Hope you enjoy!!

Some water words for you:

sprinkle, spray, irrigate, soak, flood, douse, wet, moisture, inundate, spatter, aqua, hoarfrost,

Here are some strange water facts… well, related to water anyway…

  • an electric eel is known to produce enough electricity to light ten electric light bulbs
  • an Octopus has three hearts and its blood is blue
  • seahorses are the only animals where the male gives birth and care for the young
  • there are underwater rivers that flow along the ocean floor

“Whatever has depth and mystery, has abundant life; just like the ocean.” ~ unknown

And here’s something to make you think…

Did you know that there are more airplanes in the oceans than there are submarines in the sky?

They say that the oceans contain more dead bodies than all the graveyards on earth…

experts know more about the moon than they do about the ocean floor, as only about 5% has been mapped…

That’s about all I have, for now anyway!

Hope you have a great day!
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