the odd thing about snow

Jan 31, 2020

Snow is a great insulator, but not in these images! I picked these for today, because there’s not much…or because of the shape they made…

all of the images were taken on the 11th or 16th of December. We haven’t gotten much snow since then.

(summer snow: New poems by Robert Hass)

according to BBC Earth, snow is comprised of 90-95% air, which is why it makes a great insulator. I’ve said for years, that if it’s going to be cold, it may as well snow. The snow will help protect plants from the frigid air… how many photos of igloos have you seen or heard of in your life? well, animals do the same thing, burrowing deep into the snow during winter in order to hibernate.

(A Slice of Snow: A Book of Poems by Joan Walsh Anglund)

Snow on Mars: According to Nasa’s scientific simulations on Mars, during the summer in the north side of the planet, there could very well be sudden, violent snow storms. We know there are clouds and subsurface ice on Mars, so snow is certainly plausible. Scientists also detected a cloud of carbon dioxide snowflakes over the southern pole of the planet. We know this because of the remote robots on the planets surface.

(Snow bound: A winter Idyl by John Greenleaf Whittier)

chionophobia: the fear of snow

(The Jacket I wear in the Snow
A children’s rhyme book)

Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922): I’ve never heard of him but maybe you have! He was a great explorer, renowned for his bravery, intrepid spirit and loyalty to his comrades. But if you were to search the contents of his medical kit during the Nimrod Expedition, you would think you were looking at something a 70s rock band groupie had packed, rather than a polar exploration. Colic was treated with cannabis, diarrhea sufferers enjoyed the delights of opium while those stricken with snow blindness, a temporary loss of vision due to overexposure to the sun’s UV rays, would have cocaine dripped directly into the eye.

all info comes from

“Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical” ~ unknown

“With every falling snowflake, a unique spark of interest falls from heaven.” ~ P. Miller

What do snowmen like to do on the weekend?
~ Chill out!

“I can’t get out of bed on days when the temperature is less than my age.” ~ unknown

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12 Comments on “the odd thing about snow

  1. Lovely images.. we haven’t had any snow this year in the South East of England… they keep saying we’ll get some but nothing arrives. I love snowy weather… it makes the dreariest of places look pretty. xx

    • They predicted that this area, where I live in Maryland, would get approximately 25 inches…so far, about 5 inches and that happened before winter officially started
      Thank you!

  2. As a former USAF Weatherman, it does bring back weather forecasting memories and/or horrors!

    Especially, the totally obscene scene!

      • A yes!


        How does a woodpecker peck
        When it’ pecking on wood?

        How does it peck
        When it’s pecking
        On a woodie on the wood?

        And more importantly

        How does that gangster
        Woodpecker peck
        When it jiving, rapping and
        Pecking in the Hood?


      • A yes!


        How does a woodpecker peck
        When it’ pecking on wood?

        How does it peck
        When it’s pecking
        On a woodie on the wood?

        And more importantly

        How does that wood lever peck
        When it jinxing, rapping and
        Pecking in the hood?


  3. Sometimes I miss the snow, but then I remember having to drive in it, and I don’t miss it so much

    • I really do like all the seasons, winter gives (me) a chance to not to yard work… a much needed break.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • Yes, I do remember not having to worry about cutting the grass every two weeks or so 😁🤙

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