I have no idea what’s going on…

Feb 3, 2020

I just published a post a few minutes ago, but wordpress is saying I published a day ago…I have no clue.

But, here’s the link to read it… PINE

We’ll see what happens!

Take care!!


11 Comments on “I have no idea what’s going on…

  1. If you write it the day before and then puckish the next day it publishes in the past – if that makes sense and it is a bit of a pain because it will not publish in order. To change it you just ensure your settings are changed to today’s date and time before you post a saved draft otherwise they always post on the date that you first saved them – hopefully that makes sense – I schedule things to ensure this doesn’t happen

  2. It’s nice to see someone else hailing from the Land of Mary. I don’t live there anymore, but I do remember weird weather. One day cold, the next warm, etc.

    • All the time weather ups and downs, hot and cold, it’s supposed to rain for the next 48 hours or so…gonna make for some interesting photos, if I do partake.
      And hello from Mary’s Land!

    • I think I figured it out…I have drafts saved, and it saved to “yesterday”, I think, which is when I saved it. But I have never had that happen until now. We’ll see what happens today 🙂

      • I used to do scheduled posts but they often did weird things like that

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