the country life…?

Feb 4, 2020

Cell Phone Pics

Not in any particular order…just the way I did it! All photos were taken today…

ants all over…
or is it just one ant?
all over?

My boyfriend’s been out chopping wood again today, while it’s still dry and relatively warm out – 66 degrees out/77 in the house, no wood stove at the moment either! We will be lighting a fire here soon…

It has been rainy off and on all day, but at the moment it’s dry…and it’s supposed to rain for the next couple of days. And highs only in the 40’s or something like that…that’s how it goes in the good ole state of Maryland!

Some of the wood can’t be brought into the house until it’s ready to burn, meaning, it goes straight into the stove . . . in fact, it will be stacked in a totally separate pile so the ants don’t infiltrate the other wood as well.

The poor, poor ants
screaming in the fire…

it’s not my fault
you chose to live in wood
that can be burned

gray skies…you can’t really see it in the photo, but off in the distance there is a little bit of pink. If I had taken my CANON out with me, it would show up better.

I get really S.A.D. when the weather gets like this. S.A.D. stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder… I try to play music I like, read, keep lights on (as I can), and just do what makes me feel good, including laughing, when the weather gets like this. I also try to avoid negative people, but that’s not always possible.

So, if I ever seem depressed, it’s more than likely the weather getting to me…

An oak leaf
from the neighbor’s tree
blown over
to say hi to me

~ HCMorris ~

Tomorrow is…

National Weather Person’s Day
National Shower With A Friend Day
(oh no, please say it isn’t so!)
World Nutella Day

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!

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  1. Thank you. I’m sorry about the S.A.D. Beautiful photography! The Tomorrow is: … are priceless! 🤣🤣🤣

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