Icy Memories

Feb 5, 2020

cell phone photos…

Ice Storm Feb 5, 2014

“It was the best of times
It was the worst of times”
~ Charles Dickens

no way in
no way out

I don’t know why, but the quote by Charles Dickens came to my mind when uploading these photos… I definitely wouldn’t say it was the worst, or even the best of times, but it is definitely a time to remember.


my poor little car… yeah, my car is buried underneath that tree, which happens to be a mulberry

If we had known, and been smart, both of the vehicles would’ve been moved to the drive way, closer to the house. But, we didn’t know the storm was going to be that bad. How could we?

For what ever reason, we – my dad and I – went out and were trying to free my car while the ice storm was still happening, and branches were coming down all around. Don’t know if you know what it sounds like when a branch breaks from way up high and comes crashing to the ground…but it’s a scary noise. Almost like a gun going off, but much different…and the noise never leaves your brains memory.

A couple of times I was running for my life, or so it seemed…and my dad had to duck and cover a couple of times. He was using a hand saw, trying to free up my car. I really don’t know what came over us, but I finally was able to convince my dad that it wasn’t worth being out here/there during the storm…what is there really to do? Couldn’t even get a tow truck in to tow my car to get it fixed, since the elm tree (first photo) was blocking the drive way. It really wasn’t worth risking our lives, even though I was able to get a few photos!

It took a couple of days for the ice to thaw out enough to be able to get out and I was without a car for about a week. Maybe longer…

Every chance I got, I took a broom out and knocked on the branches to help free them from the ground. I couldn’t totally knock them free, I had to let mother nature do her job. But I could help out a little bit, during the day, when the ice was melting.

It was a total mess, one of the worst ice storms I can remember. We’ve had blizzards and deep snows, but nothing that I can remember compares. If this wasn’t the worst ice storm to hit the area, in my almost forty three years on this planet I don’t remember it …

It took us all summer to clear most of the debris from the storm. And there are still some remnants on the ground, from that day six years ago. But they’re in places where they won’t do any harm…well, for the most part. There’s still one maple hung up in a locust that just won’t come down and it’s too dangerous to do ourselves, at least without bigger machinery than what we have.

the day the clothes line died

still hasn’t been replaced, too many stink bugs to hang clothes outside…although they’re not as bad!

holly and ice

It could’ve been so much worse…my car was fixable, the clothesline replaceable (eventually), and most importantly, no lives were hurt or worse!

That’s my ice story memory from years ago, and I’m sticking to it ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you are having a great day so far!
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  2. Pretty crazy, it’s stuff like this that reminds you how powerful mother nature is and how in a blink of an eye things can get a whole lot worst. Glad no got hurt.

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