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Little Brook Farm
~ the farm house ~
Little Brook Farm
probably in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s

My brothers and I …

When my brothers and I were teenagers, we were plagued with eye problems. This is the easiest way to put it, at this point. It was probably in the early 50’s when the problems started.

Larry was the first – Keith, Larry, and myself were playing Cowboys and Indians with two neighborhood boys. We all had bb guns. I was in a shack with Larry…When Larry looked out through a hole in the wall a bb came through at the exact same time. The hole couldn’t have been much bigger than the bb. Ended up, Keith was the one who had shot the bb. It was a total freak accident. Larry ended up being mostly blind in the right eye.

A couple years later, I gave Keith cherry bombs, telling him not to throw them in the creek. So what does he do? He threw it in the creek at Little Brook Farm.  He was standing on the bridge that goes over the creek from the farmhouse to the garden by the barn. The cherry bomb threw up all kinds of debris, some of it hitting Keith in the left eye. He also went mostly blind in that eye. I drove Keith to the hospital, passing the ambulance on the way.

In 1959, I went blind in my right eye.  I was helping my father repair some leaks in the hot water heating system in the basement. There was a clog in the drain in the floor – I put Draino in the drain and walked away, waiting the recommended half hour… when I came back to check, it exploded in my face. I was knocked out, and pushed away by the force. When I came to, I was against the basement wall. My father turned the hose on me as it was already turned on. I had chemical burns to my face, chest, and arms, with my right side getting most of the burns. I was totally blind in both eyes for about ten days. Eventually, I got total sight back in his left eye.
I wasn’t a teenager at this point, he was 21 and married. It all just started in the early 50’s, as far as I can remember and it’s best to keep this story together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the house my dad lived in
in Hyndman, PA
I believe this is the house my great grandmother lived in, when she moved away from the farm – but it’s titled in my library as a house my dad lived in
Hyndman, PA

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