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Feb 8, 2020

There’s been some changes made… which is a good thing! All of the links – except amazon – have been added to the side bar. Plus one, YouTube.

blue snail
(No Fishing Aquarium Ornament)

I finally made the jump to youtube, and if you would like to see what I have, just click on the image to the right that is labeled “YouTube”. I might put amazon on the side bar as well, when I get the chance.

I’ve only got a few videos and/or slideshows their at the moment – but, like always, I will be adding more as I have time.

(zombie fish aquarium ornament)

And since I’ve been busy doing this, I haven’t gone out to take any photos with my cell phone today! I know, it’s Saturday and I know how you oh look forward to today, but it is what it is! Nothing I can do about it!


Oh well, progress has been made and I’m a happy girl! There’s some other changes, which you will get to see tomorrow, as well.

I’ve gotten so used to adding photos and links to Picfair and Pinterest that I don’t know what to do anymore… 🙁 …ah, yeah, this gives me time to actually focus on what I came here to do in the first place – my photos!

Tomorrow is…

National Cut The Cord Day
National Toothache Day
National Bagel and Lox Day
National Pizza Day

“If you fell down yesterday,
Stand up today.”
~ H. G. Wells

Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!!

need to do some shopping at Amazon? the image below, as well as images in my post are linked to Amazon (below the image I have listed what I have linked the photo to)… I’ve been approved as an Amazon Associate, which means that you can shop at Amazon like you normally would and help me out a little, at no extra cost to you. Even though I have the photo below linked to a photography page, you can buy anything you want…as long as you go through this link, if you want to shop and help me out at the same time 🙂 I earn from qualifying purchases

Thank You!!

be inspired…

“Learn the rules like a pro
Break them like an artist.”
~ Pablo Picasso

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”
~ Irish Proverb

Thou art all ice. Thy kindness freezes.”
~ William Shakespeare

“The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.” ~ Douglas Horton

“Listen to the wind in your soul.
Let it take you where your heart wants to go.”
~ unknown ~

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