Snow Moon and Abstract Photos

Feb 9, 2020

I figured that since I didn’t get to do CELL PHONE SATURDAY yesterday, I’d do kinda the same thing today. Only today, I used my CANON instead of my cell phone. And I had enough time to edit – so here we go!

mysterious moon

Not sure if this a full moon, but it’s pretty close. I couldn’t tell for sure because of the trees. Of course, I could’ve walked out into the yard and taken photos. But I really didn’t feel like it, so I didn’t.

I only did enough editing for today in the photo above and most of the photos below. I will more than likely do more at a later date… but I like the way they are, for now anyway.

Did you know…

  • that every 19 years, February doesn’t have a full moon? Instead, January and March have two full moons, known as or creating a double blue moon. This last happened in 2018 in most time zones.When February doesn’t have a full moon it is known as a Black Moon.
  • February’s full moon is Snow Moon and is named so after the snow on the ground… also known as the Hunger Moon, Storm Moon.
  • According to, today (Feb 9) is this years full moon. Next month – March – is Worm Moon.
Jack Frost visited last night…

This was pretty much the only patch of glass that you can see… I will be doing more with this, but for now, nothing but 🙂 from this gal!

pretty in the sun

It’s so good to see the sun…so far it’s been a sunny day! This plant – above – might be bee balm, but I didn’t check it to see. I just thought it looked very happy in the sun and took a picture!

And I liked the designs and patterns the ice made in the photos above and below… I can and probably will crop these some more and play. But to show you the photos I took today, I think this works.

new growth

It’s either a Daffodil or Hyacinth, above . . . not sure at the moment. It’s not unusual for either to start growing at this time. I’ve got pics floating around somewhere of Daffodils in snow!

“lightly frosted”

Most of the frost around front of the house had melted as the front of the house faces south. I managed to photograph this little bit of frost before it melted. The plant is wild strawberry, not edible (actually is bitter and if you eat enough can be poisonous, but more on this plant later), and is growing everywhere. It is considered invasive.

Two more photos of one of my azalea bushes. We have about fifteen, give or take! Most are pink or salmon colored – or a variety thereof, with one white. This one that I photographed today is behind the house, by the deck and is absolutely huge!

And now…

The photo above I played with… and got the photos below by cropping and putting it through different filters in photoshop. This is the reason I didn’t include it with the first photo. I actually took four or five photos of the moon this morning, but only edited and played with these two!

I know it’s bright…but have patience. I might play with this some more as well, but what I got – below – makes it worth dealing with the brightness!

see the spider?
Or something?

It really looks like an orb – or something – being held by something impossible…

And I just played…

So… what did you think? Of my little (?) Sunday photo tour? I could honestly do this all day…but, I’ve got a life to live. Or something like that!

“Warning, going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday.”

“Don’t forget Sunday is a day of rest…
The rest of the laundry
The rest of the housework
and the rest of all the other stuff
we can’t be bothered with on Saturday”

“A Sunday well spent
brings a week of content”

Tomorrow is…

National Home warranty Day
National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
National Umbrella Day
National Clean Out Your Computer Day

Hope you have a great day!
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