Feb 13, 2020

something from the past

charcoal peanuts

Just an art share…something I did while going to the local community college.

My brain doesn’t want to work right now, or do anymore than what it has to…it’s been such a gloomy day, gloomy week actually. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be cold and windy.

Not sure at this point if I have this particular image available anywhere at the moment, but looking at it, it needs some work. Just make the black, black…that’s the joy of photoshop, won’t take much effort to fix it up.

The original piece is actually much better, as the black/dark areas are actually black/dark. But when photographing it, it doesn’t always come out the same and needs some work.

That’s about all I have for now
so until next time…

Hope you have a great day!
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