How to make your own hand sanitizer?

You all know that I normally don’t reblog, well…sometimes I do, but I found this interesting and I know some of you are into DIY/homemade stuff. So, the ingredients in this homemade hand soap is so much better for you, less “foreign”, harmful chemicals and easy to make and probably much cheaper!

A Better Man

With the recent virus outbreak, I am totally peeved by those out there who are really profiteering from the whole situation. This is mainly directly at those retailers who have increased the prices by a couple fold. While I am a supporter for the laws of economics by come on, moving the price up by 5 times is pretty ridiculous. But demand drives up prices of goods in limited supply, I wanted to do something about it. One of those highly sought items now are hand sanitizers.

And to be fair I have been fairly dependent on them. Before my kiddo I had a “thing” (me and my “things”) against dirt, but oh my, how things changed once the kid entered the picture. Suddenly messes and dirt (and other unmentionables) stuck to my hair, clothes, skin, and house like cheese on a good grass-fed burger. The need to embrace dirt (not…

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