“Miss Effie”

Feb 18, 2020

This story comes from Spirits of Frederick by Alyce T. Weinberg.

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“‘I used to believe but I’m too old now,’ says Miss Effie Spurrier, 94. ‘Years ago my husband I lived with his family in a house across the road from Worman’s Mill. Indians had lived on that end of Frederick, and people would come digging and find pipes and bowls and arrow heads. I had a collection once myself but it got away.'”

“Miss Effie, reflecting”
(Amazon: Mysteries and Lore of Western Maryland)

The house they lived in was haunted… they would hear people walking upstairs, had a room where they couldn’t keep the covers on the bed, and furniture would move and rattle on its own. They would keep a light (candle) burning all night, and the covers would stay on.

A bell would ring every ten or fifteen minutes in the kitchen, but, it sounded like it was coming from the chimney. She says it sounded like an alarm clock. The men used to play cards in a room adjoining the kitchen and were always busy searching for the bell.

A light could be seen in the woods near the barn, going round and round. The men would stop their game and go out in search of the wanderer. They would find nothing. She states that one night, a ball of fire traveled around the room until it found an open window.

Miss Effie lived at Yellow Springs as well. “There’s ghosts there too.” On a dreary day, she saw a diaphanous figure come out of Brook Hill Church and sit on a big rock. She says it looked “ashed”. “It was spooky lookin’. I didn’t look long. I run.”

“A big fat woman ran a store near us up there. I saw her go in and out of that store after she died. We all said she must have hid money somewhere and came back to protect it.” The dog that hung around the store would see her and be so scared that he’s lay down and tremble.

When Effie was a child, she states that her mother heard a noise outside one night after they had gone to bed. Effie ran to the window and saw a woman in a flowing white gown riding a white horse. She told her mother that was a bad omen. A daughter died soon after.

Effie comes from a family that believes in ghosts (or did). Everyone believes.

“I believe God sends people back to warn other people to do better.” says Effie

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