hang 10

Feb 21, 2020

Strange Facts

~ All facts come from the fact site…

  • the term “hang ten” is surfer slang, meaning having all ten toes over your board’s edge while riding a wave
  • there was a Pterodactyl with a wing span bigger than a fighter jet
    -remains found in Romania, the beast stood as tall as a giraffe, is believed to have weighed half a ton
  • in the South Pacific Ocean, there is a spacecraft graveyard
    -it is known as Point Nemo and is home to over 300 spacecraft
  • armadillos have shells so hard they can deflect bullets
  • the Eiffel Tower grows in the summer, up to six inches, due to heat expansion
  • the smallest dinosaur ever discovered was only 16 inches long
  • the letter “E” is the most common letter in the English language
    – I just used it 10 times in the last sentence!
  • an ant can’t die from falling
  • you’re more likely to be bitten by a person than a shark

I’m not the only one…?

“Sometimes when I close my eyes I can’t see.”

“Pay attention to things that make no sense.”

“Roses are red
My name is not Dave
this makes no sense

“It takes real skills
to choke on air,
fall up the stairs
and trip over nothing.
I have those skills.”

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“I’m gonna go stand outside,
so if anyone asks
you can just say

I’m outstanding!

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