leaving their mark?

Feb 21, 2020

taken July 19, 2019
(The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones)

Did the Rolling Stones
Stop by my house
And leave their mark
On this purple leaf?
Or just some bug
That appreciates art?
~ HCMorris ~

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Rolling Stones Logo

Tomorrow is…

National California Day
National Cook A Sweet Potato Day
National Margarita Day

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

*I am feeling better – kind of… I know, I’m pretty sure, it’s just nerves. I need to learn not to let people get to me. I think, also, people need to not stick their noses where it doesn’t belong, but that’s just me. And it seems like, I am able to take a step forward and someone comes along and knocks me two steps back – or more… I’ve been having trouble eating, and staying motivated…

My mom used to say I wear my heart on my sleeve, and she was right… I let people get to me, and I shouldn’t. Everyone here has been awesome and I love you all oh so much!

If I’m not happy with life, I don’t want to get up in the morning…is that “life” worth living? I’m not getting a job, either, at McDonald’s bringing home minimum wage . . . I’m worth so much more than that! Yeah… I didn’t come here to complain, but I just needed to let out some steam.

I need to do what’s best for me, my son and my cat…

…yes, my cat! If I leave the house for too long, he pees! And not in his box. I know he’s jealous of my boyfriend (is he still my boyfriend? IDK, just kinda riding it out right now, that’s a post for another day, when I get my feelings sorted out), he never peed on things before he came into the picture. And as it is, I need to clean his box two or three times a day. And no, I’m not getting rid of him either!!

Have I said too much? Or not enough?

So, one day at a time is all I can (still) do at this time. And do the best I can! I know I wasn’t put on this great planet to be stressed out all the time, or to be abused by others, so until then…

I will do what ever it takes
to be happy
and as stress free as possible

That’s all I can do!

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People may hate you for being different and not living by society’s standard’s, but, deep down, they wish they had the courage to do the same
~ daily thoughts ~

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