Are men messy folks?

Very interesting read…
I’ll have to tell you, and I think you may know this by now,
I ain’t no typical woman… and I think I get that from my parents. Having a spotless house isn’t the most important thing in the world…clean? yes! Spotless? No… As my mom used to say “We don’t live in a show house!” Have a read, I think you will enjoy!

A Better Man

On a typical day, men spend a third as much time cleaning as women. Does that make women beacons of cleanliness, while men are genetically unable to see the messiness in their midst?

This myth is a common explanation for why men don’t do as much housework as women. Men walk into a room and apparently can’t see the dust bunnies gathering on the floor or the piles of laundry stacked up on the couch.

It lets men off the hook for not doing their fair share of the household cleaning.

But in a recent study, we show that men aren’t dirt-blind — they can see mess just as well as women. They are simply less severely penalized for not keeping their spaces neat and tidy.

Despite massive gains in education and employment, women still shoulder a larger share of the housework than men.

Women today spend, on average, roughly…

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6 Comments on “Are men messy folks?

  1. Clutter bothers me much more than it does my husband, and I’ve found the same to be the case with a lot of couples I know. And I care how my home is perceived by visitors more than he does. This is my second marriage, and it was the same with my first. By no measure am I a neat freak, not do I clean excessively, but I do much more housework than husband. He’ll clean if I request a specific chore, but does not seem to notice something needs done himself. Sometimes,—a lot of times—I think men just fake ignorance out of laziness.

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  2. Being raised by my mother and two older sisters, combined with a lifetime of managing kitchens [until I retired from kitchens], has contributed to me having to see all of the dirt. Doesn’t mean I clean all of the dirt, but I see all of the dirt. Very cool read! 🙂

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