Are men messy folks?

Very interesting read…
I’ll have to tell you, and I think you may know this by now,
I ain’t no typical woman… and I think I get that from my parents. Having a spotless house isn’t the most important thing in the world…clean? yes! Spotless? No… As my mom used to say “We don’t live in a show house!” Have a read, I think you will enjoy!

6 Comments on “Are men messy folks?

  1. Clutter bothers me much more than it does my husband, and I’ve found the same to be the case with a lot of couples I know. And I care how my home is perceived by visitors more than he does. This is my second marriage, and it was the same with my first. By no measure am I a neat freak, not do I clean excessively, but I do much more housework than husband. He’ll clean if I request a specific chore, but does not seem to notice something needs done himself. Sometimes,—a lot of times—I think men just fake ignorance out of laziness.

    • My boyfriend is the opposite most times, he cleans much more than I do…might be the artsy side of me? I don’t know.

  2. Being raised by my mother and two older sisters, combined with a lifetime of managing kitchens [until I retired from kitchens], has contributed to me having to see all of the dirt. Doesn’t mean I clean all of the dirt, but I see all of the dirt. Very cool read! 🙂

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