my dads story – the 1960’s and ’70’s


* my dad passed away before we could get the whole story written down, so this part is as Holly (me) remembers it being told throughout the years. He passed away from liver disease on March 17, 2017. When he started writing, during the summer of 2016, his story was only 3-4 pages long. That’s when I got involved…asking him a lot of details, about Little Brook Farm, and especially about his youth.



On April 26, 1969 Max married Charlotte Ningard. They were married in Baltimore, honeymooning in the Smokey Mts.

The bridal party: * I will get all the names of the party*

The photographer that was hired for the wedding lost all the pictures. At least that’s what my parents were told. He tried to tell them that he must have sent the pics to the wrong bride…my mom didn’t believe it! What bride would keep wedding pics of a wedding that’s not hers? She thought that he only used one roll of film, and forgot to reload…as they only got one roll of film back. The rest of the photos were taken by friends and family.

My dad still had the slide on camper…there had been a late freeze that year, so when they got to the mountains, the first campground they came to was closed. They parked outside the gate…early the next morning, when the crew arrived they noticed the “Just Married” sign on the back of the camper and kept driving back and forth, most of the morning.

While they were honeymooning/camping in the Smokey Mountains, A Walk In The Spring Rain was being filmed, so they didn’t have access to the whole park.

my dad and his Cocker Spaniel, Sandy
either the Smokey Mountains or Skyline Drive

They lived in an apartment in Hyattsville, MD.

(I know there’s pics around here of when they lived in Hyattsville, I believe they are slides…so guess what I’ll be doing? Yeah, going through slides… just some notes so I know I don’t forget…)

By the time my parents were married, my dad had gotten himself established as a draftsman, working on mechanical designs and throughout the years he had “top secret” clearance on some of the jobs he worked on. My mom quit her job because they wanted to start a family right away. In the meantime, mom babysat the neighborhood kids.  Two girls, in particular, were Patsy and her sister. They spent a lot of time with Charlotte (aka my mom), sometimes spending the night. It got to the point, that Charlotte knew them better than their own father. She eventually told the father that he needed to spend more time with them. After my parents moved to Frederick, they lost contact with the girls.  It would be almost eight years before their oldest daughter – Holly Catherine – was born.

obviously, this is a rough draft…
when I opened word,
I realized I hadn’t gotten as far as I thought!

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