through my cats eye

Feb 26, 2020

taken Dec 25, 2020
with my new macro lenses
AMAZON: James Herriot’s Cat Stories

“What greater love than the love of a cat.” ~ Charles Dickens

Tomorrow is…

February 27, 2020
National Chili Day
National Toast Day
National Kahlua Day
National Polar Bear Day
National Retro Day
National Strawberry Day
Anosmia Day


“a condition causing a loss of smell. Of all our senses, smell perhaps is taken for granted more than any other.

“There are many causes of Anosmia. The most common reasons are due to upper respiratory or sinus/nasal infections or diseases. We’ve all experienced a cold or allergy that’s temporarily prevented us from smelling.

“However, other conditions cause a permanent or long term loss of the sense. When anosmia symptoms are prolonged or life long, many anosmics do not get to enjoy the flavor of foods, the scent of an infant or use their sense of smell as an early warning system for danger.

“Our olfactory sense has a powerful effect on memories and emotions. When we lose this sense, the impact is terrific. Anosmia Awareness Day provides an opportunity to learn more about the condition and where to go for support.” (

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“People who don’t like cats
were probably mice in an earlier life”
~ unknown ~

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    • This cat is strange… but with the background he has it makes me happy that he loves and trusts us like he does.

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