the vortex

Feb 27, 2020


The Vortex Swallows Everything
image taken/made November 30, 2019
AMAZON: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: 150th Anniversary Edition

Into the vortex
Nothing will escape
~ HCMorris ~

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Linked to Amazon: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: 150th Anniversary Edition by Carroll Lewis, Mark Burstein and Thomas Banchoff (editors), Salvador Dali (illustrator); available on kindle, audible audiobook (unabridged), hardcover, paperback,mass market paperback, MP3 cd, boardbook; 136 pages, published by Princeton University Press; Anniversary edition (September 29, 2015); age range 6-18 years;
About the Author: “Lewis Carroll was the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832–98), a British writer, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon, and photographer. His best-known works are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. Mark Burstein is president emeritus of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America and the editor of or contributor to fourteen books about Carroll. Thomas Banchoff is professor emeritus of mathematics at Brown University.”

a note from me… I do have admit that the images from Alice In Wonderland, the books and the new movies – not Disney, so much, do something for me! But…I have a very active imagination and love books, love to read! There’s something about classics I just can’t resist! If you think my house is lined with bookshelves…it should be! But, sadly, it’s not. But, there is at least one bookshelf in every room. Except the bathroom – one has a magazine rack. Does that count? LOL…

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If you leave without saying goodbye,
I will hunt you down,
and I will hug you


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