loosing my marbles

Feb 28, 2020

AMAZON: The Peanuts Papers

According to my son…

“She’s lost her head
Her marbles
She’s lost her sanity…
Or at least half of it
Don’t know what happened to the other half
My guess is
It’s on coffee break”
~ son of a leprechaun ~

~ my son ~

And what prompted this? You might be asking? I was talking to the machine that dispenses the parking tickets at the parking deck! We went to the library today…

And, to let you know…”Son of A Leprechaun” is my son – he calls me a leprechaun as I am short (5ft3in) , to his nearly 6 ft. And because of this, I call him “Son of A Leprechaun”. Hey, if he can call me a leprechaun, I can call him the son of one!! LOL 🙂

Will be updating here soon, probably over the weekend…especially with all the new faces around here!

To everyone…

Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Laughter is the best medicine!
When you can laugh at yourself,
you are free!

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