Month: March 2020

a hole in the wall

March 31,2020 Like I promised, here is my photo of the hole I cut in the wall. this allows plenty of access to the plumbing, if need be! The plumber didn’t come today, so I need to call him again tomorrow. All I did… Continue Reading “a hole in the wall”

Ghosts Aplenty

March 31, 2020 This story comes from Spirits of Frederick by Alyce T. Weinberg. Hope you enjoy! “”First I thought I needed my head examined, but when other people started hearing the noises I decided maybe there was something to this. There really is… Continue Reading “Ghosts Aplenty”

deer have been active

March 31, 2020 Picture of the Day “Hope is a forcethat carries you throughlife’s dark twists and turns.”~ Angie Weiland-Crosby ~ if you need to cry, cry~ if you need to sleep, sleep~ if you need to laugh, laugh Yes, the deer have been… Continue Reading “deer have been active”

A Walk In The Garden

March 30, 2020 Monday’s Cell Phone Pictures Just two of my gardens… It was a beautiful day today! In the low 70’s, which I will take. About an hour ago it clouded over, but that’s ok! We got plenty of fresh air and sunshine.… Continue Reading “A Walk In The Garden”

time to play

March 30, 2020 The sun has comeafter many daysof hiding behindcloudsfogand colddrizzlysometimes hard rain And now I must play!~ HCMorris ~ See you again real soonlike, this afternoon!And like always…Take careStay safeAnd oh so muchLove


March 30, 2020 Fun With Words “My goal is not to be better than anyone elsebut to be better than I used to be.” “Your attitude is like a price tagit shows how valuable you are.” Attitude: noun: attitude; plural noun: attitudes a settled… Continue Reading “attitude”

surrounded with love

March 30, 2020 Picture of the Day Mourning Dove Totem If a mourning dove arrive unexpectedlyyou are receiving a message to relax.The solution to your problem will find youYou are surrounded with love. Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! pixels PicfairshutterstockPinterest… Continue Reading “surrounded with love”