The Song of Spring

March 2, 2020

Cell Phone Photos

I was able to get outside and get some pics with both my cell phone and my CANON! Some are with the macro lens…you won’t be able to see any of them until Saturday. Sorry ’bout that, that’s the way it goes.

I started out raking the garden by the pool…daffodils are popping up! I really needed to get all the leaves out of the garden so my small spring flowers can get sun. Some of the leaves were piled eight inches high, or something like that. I don’t know what the right word is for it, but the wind in that area behind the house tends to swirl…and snow, leaves and other such things tend to pile up there.

So anyway…here are some more pics I took today.


a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.”
~ unknown

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Tomorrow is…

March 3, 2020

National cold cut day

National Anthem Day

National I Want You To Be Happy Day


National Mulled Wine Day

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