cold enough

March 5, 2020

taken December 22, 2019
only a couple of inches in the pool
mostly rain/snow water
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Throughout the whole winter, it barely got cold enough for the water in the pool to freeze completely solid…except, before it was officially winter. Don’t get me wrong, it got cold, but not that cold.

Now that the weather is improving and spring is just around the corner, the pool will be torn down and a new one put in its place. The old one is, well, old. I bought it in 2011. I think…I can’t find the papers/instructions on it.

It started leaking near the end of the swimming season, and since it was/is so old, we figured just to keep up with it and get a new one in the spring. I had to fill it up with water every couple of days. No big deal, really…

When we normally close the pool down for the winter, we drain it down a few inches, below the hole for the filter intake, add some chemicals and cover it. But, with the leak in it, we didn’t necessarily do all that. Why would I?

That’s about all I have for now!
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