All This Fresh air…

March 8, 2020

Cell Phone Sunday

I know my cell phone day is usually on Saturday, but the way things have been going, my cell phone days have been on Sundays!

Hope you enjoy!

But first, I have to tell you that we went grocery shopping this morning…there was no toilet paper, hardly any paper towels, and very few tissues/kleenex. Canned goods were nearly depleted, but there was plenty of bread! This corona virus fear is really taking hold! Luckily, we don’t need toilet paper and we can get by with the paper towels and tissues we were able to get, at least, until next time.

There are other options…I’ve heard of people using newspaper and rags can also be used – although they would need to be rinsed out and washed. Newspaper should never be flushed down the toilet – it can cause clogs. Anything used besides toilet paper should be thrown in the trash, or if using rags, rinsed and washed. That’s all I’m going to say on that subject…at least for now!

After grocery shopping, we worked in the yard… it was/is a beautiful day!

I found these daffodils blooming…they’re dwarfs. I actually got some pretty good photos with my CANON and macro lenses. Inside one of the daffodils was an itty bitty spider!

I know my hand/finger is in the bottom portion of the photo…just adds some character – right?

and…trimming back the ornamental grass.

I knocked this chore down by at least half by using the battery operated pole saw/hedge trimmer. I usually use the lopping sheers, but decided to give it a try with the hedge trimmer. So glad I did! And, it’s not really all that expensive…if my memory is correct. While we have a battery operated system, there’s nothing wrong with electric – it’s just that with the property (3.13 acres), going cordless/battery operated makes much more sense.

As you can see below, it’s already growing! I knocked out a lot of the vines and other “weeds” that were growing as well. A white blooming azalea bush is in the background. Obviously, it’s not blooming yet…won’t bloom until May or June.

The ornamental grass is another plant that I did not plant – some critter, birds, deer, or something else – brought this plant onto the property.

We tried to pull this broken branch out of the tree, but it wouldn’t budge!

I think he attached the chain too high, but he would disagree. Who am I to say how he should attach the chain? There was no way he was going to use the chainsaw while on the ladder. So, it’s still up there!

Another day… we’ll probably have to get a tree guy in to bring the tree down to the ground. It is dead, or mostly dead. Just paying for it… I’ve already got enough on my plate!

that’s about all I have for today!

tomorrow is…

March 9, 2020
National Barbie Day
National Meatball Day
National Napping Day
National Crab Meat Day
National Get Over It Day

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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“Just because I am on a different path
doesn’t mean I’m lost.”
~ unknown

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