fit for a king and queen

March 10, 2020

A king cat and a human queen…

cell phone pics

king cat’s dinner
AMAZON: The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior

I tried to mix the food so you could see the meat, but no such luck! He – Mr. Tuxedo – loves when I fix dinner like this. And in all actually, I’ve been doing this for about a week, maybe more. Keeps him from begging while I’m tryng to eat! He never used to – until my boyfriend came into the picture…he’d sit and wait patiently at our feet, until we were done. Maybe this is healthier for him anyway, he gets the added benefits of protein and calcium. More so than just feeding him dry and wet (canned) cat food.

What ever meat we’re having – chicken, pork, fish – I take a little from my plate, mix it with dry cat food, a little milk and water, top it with cheese – and voila… dinner fit for a king! Even if it is only a dinner for Mr. Tuxedo! He doesn’t like beef, so when we’re eating that, he leaves us alone.

I do the same thing with spaghetti. Considering that I don’t eat spaghetti sauce…noodles, butter, Parmesan cheese…take some from my plate, mix it with dry cat food and maybe some milk and/or water. Good to go…

I just thought I’d show you my plate of dinner as well… 🙂

the human queen’s dinner

so, what’s on my plate? Chicken, egg noodles, mixed veggies, shredded cheddar cheese and bread. I know it’s not in focus like it should be, but I’m not really concerned about that! (If it were one of my CANON photos, I’d want it in focus…)

“I followed my heart
and it led me to the fridge”

“I only have a kitchen
because it came with the house”

(my boyfriend does most of the cooking)

All my life I thought air was free
until I bought a bag of chips!

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  1. That comment about air being free and a bag of chips, was really funny. I think the powers that be used to change home owners for air – air tax- if they had windows that opened. For all we know that law is still in force. Loved your blog❤️

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